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Home Again, Home Again

Two thousand, four hundred and fifty-four miles and we ended up right where we began.  Perhaps a bit wiser.

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Milestones and Milestones

Today is May 23rd.  We are at my sister’s home in Kingston,Washington, and are heading back to Salem tomorrow morning, which means our road trip is almost at its end.  We’ve put a lot of miles on our car . … Continue reading

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Long Miles and Brief Impressions

Today was a day to put some miles behind us as we enter the last couple of days of our spring road trip. We began the day early in Kalispell.  We began early because the Holiday Inn Express at which … Continue reading

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Ho Hum

Oh, my gosh!  Another beautiful day in paradise. Day six of our road trip took us up to Glacier National Park.  We hadn’t done any research about the park and, so, didn’t know what awaiting us there.  Michael wanted to … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity

Today, Michael and I followed the recommendation of the fellows we met over beer yesterday and drove from Helena to Missoula via Butte, Anaconda and Phillipsburg.  It was a gorgeous drive. Interestingly, the road took us past both Opportunity and … Continue reading

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New Directions: Day Four

We did get the promised three inches of snow overnight but the sun began to shine around 8 a.m., which made all the difference.  We decided to head north and explore a bit of Montana rather than heading east to … Continue reading

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Day number one:  Sunny and warm. Day number two:  Raining and low visibility. Day number three:  Snow and more snow! Day number four:  We shudder to think! We headed out of Pocatello early, 6:53 a.m., in order to get to … Continue reading

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80 MPH with Zero Visibility

Okay, I exaggerate just a skosh.  We had some visibility today but not much.  Today’s weather makes us just that much happier about yesterday’s sunshine. We began the day with a leisurely exploration of the historic downtown of Baker City … Continue reading

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Go East, Old Man!!

It’s the quintessential American vacation:  A road trip!  There is nothing as liberating as getting in your car, knowing it has a full tank of gas and you have ten free days, and heading down the road with no particular … Continue reading

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