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Some Final Thoughts

Narni, Friday, September 28 We have just spent five days sharing our new little corner of Italy with Heather and Judy, two good friends from England.  Finally, I was able to see Orvieto and not just the inside of an … Continue reading

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Perugia Redux

Last Wednesday, we asked Dave and Claire if they would like to make the trek into Perugia (it’s only about an hour and a half away, so, it’s not really a trek).  They agreed, and we were off. It turns … Continue reading

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L’Anello di San Michele

Narni, Monday, September 24 Sometimes you just get lucky. This weekend was one of those times. When I booked this apartment, I didn’t even really know where Narni was let alone what sort of cultural events it hosted. So, it … Continue reading

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Ex Votos

Narni, Sunday, September 23 Ex votos have nothing to do with whether a person has voted in a previous election but finally said, “enough!  I’ll never vote again!”  Rather, and in the sense of this post, ex votos are majolica … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing and Vino

I had a wonderful uncle who was an avid fly fisherman.  He tied his own flies and was extremely generous in sharing them.  Once, when he and my aunt visited my family in Alaska, I noticed that some of his … Continue reading

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Narni, Saturday, September 22 We’ve done our marketing at the weekly, outdoor market in the parking lot below our apartment and have checked out the preparations for the “L’Anello di San Michele,” a big-deal, reenactment of some medieval “days of … Continue reading

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Il Miracolo del Cane

Narni, Friday, September 21 After driving to Rome this morning to drop Claire and Dave at the airport, Michael and I returned to Narni for a couple of hours to get the apartment ready for the housekeeper.  I know, I … Continue reading

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Two Funny Things

Narni, Wednesday, September 19 Two funny things about this apartment: One:  There is a dog that lives in a garden somewhere below our bedroom windows. He barks in the morning and in the evening, not so early as to wake … Continue reading

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There’s a Party Going On

Narni, Wednesday, September 19 Yesterday was a low key day. After our long day getting to, being in, and returning from Orvieto on Monday, we all needed to put our feet up and really relax as opposed to seeing-the-sights relaxing. … Continue reading

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Pane, Pasta and Amici

Narni, September 18 Bread, pasta and friends . . . yesterday was a day for making all of them and more.  But, first, a little back story (for which my family is infamous): Before we came to Italy, I had … Continue reading

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