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Rainy Days and Mondays

The weather is alternating days:  Friday was sunny, Saturday was rainy, Sunday was sunny, and Monday dawned rainy.  We, however, are experienced travelers and will let neither a rainy day nor a Monday, to say nothing of a rainy Monday, … Continue reading

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Lazy Days on the Canal du Midi

On Saturday, our group split forces with Paul and Suzy heading off to Avignon and Arles and Dave, Claire, Michael and me heading into Bezier to see some more of the Canal du Midi. According to notes left in the … Continue reading

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France: Well Seasoned

Changes in behavior over the years:  Restaurants, airplanes, theaters and most other public places are non-smoking;  most people pick up after their dogs;  one can buy an American chain brand hamburger or coffee pretty much anywhere in the world; and, … Continue reading

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Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast.  A perfect day for leaving a delightful location.  Any nicer weather and we would have wanted to stay for a few more days.  Michael retrieved the car and brought it to our door so … Continue reading

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The Walnut Route

The last two days have seen us driving ever narrower roads to visit various scenic villages in the Bave and Lot valleys.  This area is known for its walnut production and all of the roads we were on were signmarked … Continue reading

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One of the wonderful things about traveling in the fall is the smell of fallen leaves and wood smoke from fireplaces. After our long(ish) drive from Amboise, we once more had to take our car through ancient gates and down … Continue reading

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Out and About in the Loire Valley: Chaumont sur Loire

The second half of our day of culture found us at Chaumont sur Loire.  In a region rich with chateaux, I decided on this place because it is hosting an international festival of art and gardens.  Seemed as good a … Continue reading

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Out and About in the Loire Valley: Chernonceau

After a day spent hanging out around Amboise, we decided we needed to do some chateaux hopping. Our first stop was Chernonceau.  Gosh, what a little money and royal patronage will get you!  The walk from the parking area to … Continue reading

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Da Vinci in France

Michael and I are such ignorant travellers!  Who knew that Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last three years in Amboise . . . and died there?  Probably everybody except for us!! It turns out that our little hideaway is about … Continue reading

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Amboise, France

Our flights to France were okay.  We were lucky enough to be able to upgrade to business class for the flight from Seattle to London and that makes all the difference.  Not only is the flight more comfortable but the … Continue reading

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