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It’s nice to be greeted by a smiling face when you get back from a trip.

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Photos of Porto

Before this trip, I didn’t even know there was a town in Portugal called Porto. Now, I know that Porto gave Portugal its name. I like it better than Lisbon. It isn’t as big, which is a plus, but it’s … Continue reading

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Along the Douro River

Although Michael and I are now back home in Salem, I want to post a couple of entries with photos showing the landscapes that we drifted and wandered through. The Douro River is not very long (at least the part … Continue reading

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Festival of San Joao

We really lucked out on Portuguese festivals.  We began with the festival of St. Antony in  Lisbon and we ended with the festival of St. John in Porto.  Each had very different traditions* but both were citywide craziness with everyone … Continue reading

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Seen in Porto

You can’t make it up.  Michael, newly off his sick bed, and I were strolling the streets of Porto this morning when I noticed these two windows . . . directly across the street from each other.  I saw the … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the Laundry That Flaps on the Streets

I don’t understand it.  All of these well-heeled American women ohhhhing and awwwing over, and clicking and snapping pictures of, laundry hanging out to dry on lines above the city streets.  But, when we get home and I hang my … Continue reading

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Fixer Uppers

In 1975, if our sources can be trusted, a law was passed prohibiting the demolition of any building in Portugal.  They need to be restored, instead.  Apparently, there was also a law dating from about the same time that instituted … Continue reading

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Wall Art

Yesterday, June 22, while Michael was holed up in our lovely room, I went out for a solo walk.  More photos later but here are few of wall art that caught my eye.

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Ancient Universities

During our travels here in Portugal, we have discovered that it is the public universities that are held in highest esteem.  They are the ones that students want to attend.  They are cheap and outstanding.  The private universities are more … Continue reading

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Plumbing: What’s Old is New Again

When we were in Lisbon, Michael and I visited a museum that was housed in a private home and consisted of a large collection of all manner of things the owner of the home had collected over many years.  The … Continue reading

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