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Vienna: Day 3 – Going to the Horses

Sunday, December 3rd, began with domestics:  a couple loads of laundry; and then we went to the horses.  The Spanish Riding School to be precise, to see the Lipizzaner stallions strut their stuff.  We had reserved tickets months in advance … Continue reading

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A Little Night Music

No, I’m not talking about Mozart’s piece by that name, although one could be forgiven for doing so here in Vienna.  Instead, I am speaking more generically about music heard in the night.  In our case, it was the Breslau … Continue reading

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Munich: Day 5 – Dachau

This morning we went to Dachau.  It was a beautiful day, which seemed wrong. I found a rock that looked like a tortured face.  

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Munich: Day 4 – A Very Necessary Change of Pace

Friday, another beautiful day.  We decided to do something different. I was happy to discover that the liquid on the floor of Kris’s room and in the bottom of the laundry basket in Kris’s room was only water and nothing … Continue reading

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Cooking with Neha

Oh, my goodness.  If you find yourself in Delhi with a day to kill, arrange to take a cooking class with Neha at Saffron Palate.  We just spent a wonderful five hours learning a few things about Indian cooking and … Continue reading

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Rambles Around Narni: Part Two

After a long away day on Sunday, we decided to stick close to home on Monday.  In aid of that effort, we arranged to have a private, guided walk around Narni.  On our first Narni ramblings with Cindy and Paul … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen in Orvieto

  It’s now Thursday, September 29;  Bob and Connie arrived last Saturday and we have been having such a good time that I haven’t posted a blog since.  Guess I’d better do some catching up. On Sunday, Sept. 25th, the … Continue reading

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Varanasi: Seen Along the Road

This morning, as we drove through the hub and bub of Varanasi for our last ride on the river, we drove past a shop with a sign reading:  Anocha Salon. Because Joan and I had gone to a shop in … Continue reading

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A few months ago, I decided I needed to freshen my look.  To that end, I had my hair stylist give me bangs.  I figured they might soften my face and cover up some of those unsightly forehead creases, aka … Continue reading

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Another “Who Knew” Moment

Not having anything better to do late this afternoon, Michael and I decided to pop into the Museum of Old Nimes (Musee du Vieux Nimes), which is located right around the corner from our apartment.  Entrance is free, so, it … Continue reading

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