80 MPH with Zero Visibility


Grand geezer grooming at Geiser Grand

Okay, I exaggerate just a skosh.  We had some visibility today but not much.  Today’s weather makes us just that much happier about yesterday’s sunshine.

We began the day with a leisurely exploration of the historic downtown of Baker City and after that 35 minute stroll, we drove up to the Oregon Train Interpretive Center.  The center is very well done and looking at the wagon ruts that are still visible and knowing that those folks were lucky if they made 20 (very hard) miles a day, it really gave a different perspective to our mode of transportation.

Because the day was very wet and the clouds were almost to the ground obscuring anything we might want to see, we decided that it would be a good day to just cover some miles.  To that end, we charged into Idaho with its 80 mph freeways and just drove.  You might think that 80 mph and limited visibility is a bad thing but, in a twisted logic sort of way, not being able to fully appreciate just how fast you are going can be a good thing.

We had rain for all but out last hour today but, in spite of that, we made it to the Holiday Inn Express in Pocatello, Idaho by 6:30 (and that includes having to advance our watches by an hour in recognition of the vast distances we have already covered on our mini-, reverse-voyage of discovery.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we hope to get a peek of Yellowstone.


Comparing chin whiskers at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

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