Long Miles and Brief Impressions


Wayside flowers

Today was a day to put some miles behind us as we enter the last couple of days of our spring road trip.

We began the day early in Kalispell.  We began early because the Holiday Inn Express at which we were staying was the location for not one, nor two but THREE little girl birthday parties.  We really didn’t want to be in the breakfast room when they all arrived and began making pancakes and scooping up cereal, etc..

We ended the day in Ellensburg, Washington.  In between, we drove through a wide range of landscapes from mountains to wide open plains to river gorges.  There were masses of bright yellow flowers, great swaths of blue larkspurs, huge hillsides of spring green new growth and lovely deer here and there.

We also encountered reminders of the high price long highways and high speed limits can extract.  In Montana, a white cross is erected at the place of a highway fatality.  On some stretches of road you see lots of them; some in groups of two or three or even more.  It is as heartbreaking as it is scary.  And today we drove past another horrible accident scene so recent that a body was still lying by the side of the road covered with a cloth of some sort, the car upside down right beside.  That was horrifying.

We still have a couple of days left before we get home but we are beginning to look forward to being off the road.

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One Response to Long Miles and Brief Impressions

  1. anne taleff says:

    The white crosses are sobering; they make me drive more carefully. And they’re not histrionic, they’re facts. I’m sorry you were so close to the real thing.

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