Ho Hum


Looking down McDonald Lake, Glacier Nat’l Park

Oh, my gosh!  Another beautiful day in paradise.

Day six of our road trip took us up to Glacier National Park.  We hadn’t done any research about the park and, so, didn’t know what awaiting us there.  Michael wanted to go just so he could use his lifetime, geezer national park pass again.  We weren’t planning on doing any hiking, which meant that our experience would be from the roads and pullouts.

As most of you undoubtedly know, Glacier National Park has one of the “most beautiful highways in the world,” if the promotional literature is to be believed.  It is called the “Going to the Sun Highway” and makes its way along huge glacial lakes and roiling rivers and up up up before going back down down down.  The road connects the west entrance of the park, where we entered, with the east entrance.

Unfortunately, the road was closed sixteen miles in from the west entrance.  If the midpoint of the highway, which is about 50+ miles long, is the sun to which the highway is going, I figure Michael and I got just a little bit beyond Mercury.  And, even without achieving the high pass, it was a gorgeous drive.

We are breaking our journey for the evening in Kalispell after encountering a brief deluge on the last little stretch.


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