Howdy, folks,  I’m Buster.


Enjoying a bubble bath

I am an avid, but undemanding, traveler, I give much more than I take, I am willing to act as an intermediary between strangers, I don’t speak any languages but am understood by all, and I am very cute; in other words, I am the perfect traveling companion.  Happily, GinnyVan recognizes and appreciates all of these qualities and takes me everywhere she goes . . . albeit usually stuffed in the bottom of her bag but I’m a bear and bears like snug, dark places as long as we can venture out once in a while.  My time in the bottom of the bag is made more pleasant by the presence of Andre Segovia, my pet Spanish pig, whom you will see in later posts.

I really think that I should have my own blog and have been lobbying for one for quite some time but GinnyVan is not receptive to the idea.  Because I am a bear . . . and stuffed at that . . . I am unable to do my own keyboard work and, instead, have to rely on her nimble fingers to record my thoughts and impressions.  So, for now, I am stuck with her decision regarding shared blog space.  But, be assured, that I will get my fair share of this blog and I look forward to sharing my unique, ursine view of the world with each of you. And, who knows, Andre may occasionally choose to grace us with his particular porcine perspective.

To bolster my credentials, I offer this gallery as evidence of my adventurous spirit:

If you happened to notice that many of these photos show me enjoying various libations, I can only say that although there are plenty of crumbs to nibble on at the bottom of GinnyVan’s bag, liquid refreshment is in short supply.  Therefore, when we are allowed out, we head straight to a bar or cafe.

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