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Bits and Bobs from Jakarta

Here are a few photos from Jakarta:  

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A Tale of Two Wheels & Puppets

Yesterday, March 31st, was our day to see a bit of Jakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, and the capital of Indonesia. We arrived in Jakarta around noon on the 30th but we had a free afternoon and, except for taking a … Continue reading

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Those of you who know me knew it was only a matter of time before this post appeared.  Be happy that there is only the one photo. In our villa in Seminyak, the toilets were equipped with a special seat/lid … Continue reading

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Semarang, Java, Indonesia

Today, we woke up approaching Semarang, the capital of Central Java.  It has been clear both yesterday and today that we have left Bali, where Hinduism is the predominant religion, and moved into the Muslim dominated rest of Indonesia.  We … Continue reading

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  Today is Thursday, March 28th.  We’ve been voyagers upon the good ship Viking Orion for two full days and we are two happy campers . . . if by “camping” one means having extraordinarily comfortable quarters and an obscene … Continue reading

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Warning! Risqué Factor Five

Do you remember the Saturday Night Live interview of some faux Caribbean (I think) baseball player?  He famously said, “baseball has been berry berry good to me.” It’s a wonderful quote and Michael and I have altered it to fit … Continue reading

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I have been asked why so many signs in Bali are in English. Once again we are the beneficiaries of English being the default language of the world economy. Tourism and farming are the two main industries on Bali.  If … Continue reading

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Labor Relations

First:  After spending an entire career in human/labor relations, Michael found the interview note sheet at the Fat Hog pretty funny. Second: After spending ten days on this island looking at the people walking by or zipping by on motor … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Villa AyoKa

We slept well on our last night here at the villa.  At 10:30 a.m., we are being picked up for our transfer to our ship. As the photo, by cousin Claire, illustrates, we began our last morning with a spectacular … Continue reading

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Views from the Pool

Since I haven’t taken any photos of our villa, I decided it was about time.  Since all of our bedrooms, which are lovely, are currently festooned with all sorts of clothing, I decided to take some shots from the pool. … Continue reading

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