Milestones and Milestones


Happy birthday, sleepy head

Today is May 23rd.  We are at my sister’s home in Kingston,Washington, and are heading back to Salem tomorrow morning, which means our road trip is almost at its end.  We’ve put a lot of miles on our car . . . about 2100 so far and they’ve taken us through some incredible parts of the northwestern United States.  It makes us want to do more of this type of travel in the future in different parts of this large country.

We are ending our trip in the Seattle area where we have been able to visit (and impose upon) good friends and family, which is the perfect way to end this trip.  However, the major milestone of the trip is not the miles traveled or people visited; the major milestone is happening today as Michael celebrates a very understated 70th birthday.  I think that is one of the main reasons he wanted to be on the road right now; so he wouldn’t have any conspicuous displays of seventieth anything.  At 70, a person should be able to have the kind of birthday he wants . . . I won’t complain just as long as I finagle a piece of cake out of it.

Happy birthday, Michael.  Here’s to many more birthdays and travels.


Snoqualmie Falls, Washington state


Ferry from Edmonds to KIngston

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2 Responses to Milestones and Milestones

  1. Anne Taleff says:

    Happy Birthday, young Mr. Michael! I’m glad you did what you wanted to do on your big day.

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Michael. It was so fantastic to spend the evening with you both this week. And you’ve got Paul and I ignited about planning road trips. Extra Love, Paul and Cindy

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