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I’m Back!!!

It’s only been three days since I last posted but it seems much longer than that. I feel as though I have been sucked into a back hole but am now having the impossible good fortune of emerging out the … Continue reading

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The Worst Flight Ever?

No photos to accompany this post.  If I had one, it would be of Michael wedged into an airplane seat with his right hand clamped on my left thigh, his head bowed and his lips muttering not prayers but words … Continue reading

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Goodbye Uniworld

Our last night on the ship saw us all decked out for the  “gala” farewell dinner.  Well, as decked out as my every expanding waistline (and every other line) would allow.  I had to wear a scarf/shawl in an attempt … Continue reading

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Vienna: Back Where We Started

Tuesday evening, December 12, we arrived back in Vienna where we began our trip on November 30.  A lot of water has flowed down the Danube since then and we have been fortunate to have been floating down with it. … Continue reading

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Buster and Andre Segovia

Neither Buster nor Andre minds being left on the ship as long as they are well supplied with their favorite food groups: Chocolate, schnapps, sparkling pear cider and a nice bottle (or two) of white wine.

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Dürnstein and the Wachau Valley

We began today with more cruising.  I thoroughly enjoy the excursions that are planned for us but cruising is fabulous.  Our morning’s cruise was brief and had us docking at the tiny hamlet of Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley at … Continue reading

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Linz: Home of Linzer Torte

After our very long Sunday, it was a pleasure and a relief to spend the morning on board for “scenic cruising.”  We didn’t arrive into Linz until about 1 p.m., which gave us plenty of time to relax and watch … Continue reading

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A Bavarian Christmas Experience

Last night, December 10, our already long day wasn’t over until we had gone out to a farm to experience a Bavarian Christmas.  The drive from the ship was about 40 minutes through the countryside.  Of course, it was dark, … Continue reading

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A Full Day in Passau

Driving through the snowy Bavarian Forest Yesterday morning, we climbed onto busses in Passau and took off for our morning’s adventures.  Michael and I were lucky enough to get in the coach that had Eva as our guide. What a … Continue reading

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Regensburg: 2000 Years in 1.5 Hours

Due to technical difficulties of the internet sort, it has been two days since we were in Regensburg and although I did write blog entry yesterday morning I was unable to get it to publish.  Now, when the internet is … Continue reading

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