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On the Road to Chapala

My last post was supposed to be the last post from Mexico but something intervened to cause it to become not my last post but my penultimate post.  THIS will be my last post from Mexico. We left the apartment … Continue reading

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All Good Things Come To An End

  It’s 9:16 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28, Cindy and Paul have just left to catch a taxi to the bus station to get their bus to Guantajuato (?).   We are pulling the last couple of things together before … Continue reading

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Guadalajara Miscellany

With only one full day left in this fine city, I would like to set out some random observations that I have made while in Guadalajara the past eight days. First:  One of my favorite things is the cross walk … Continue reading

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Saturday in Tlaquepaque

  Where, one might reasonably ask, is Tlaquepaque?  Or, even, what in the heck is a Tlaquepaque? Or, who is Tlaquepaque?  It turns out the first question would be the most apt. Tlaquepaque is one of the five towns (?), … Continue reading

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Marketing in Guadalajara

It’s Thanksgiving and I am thankful that today Michael felt recovered enough to join the rest of us on an excursion downtown to further explore the Mercado Liberdad also known as the San Juan de Dios Mercado.  Michael and I … Continue reading

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I was beginning to think she was going to keep us out of the limelight for this trip but we finally managed to convince her that we should feature in at least one post from Mexico. Andre has been keeping … Continue reading

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Guadalajara: Hop On and Off

Today, Wednesday, we were still not up to our full complement of travelers.  This time it was Michael who had to bow out of the day’s activities due to tummy trouble.  Must have been a bad bufalo at the market … Continue reading

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Hard to know if it’s the clientele or the music to which the name refers.

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Lucha Libre: Tuesday Glamour

Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!!  Our evening plans came to fruition and we were immersed in one of the great Mexican sporting traditions: Lucha libre!  (Gosh! I’m using more exclamation points that Trump does in one of his tweets!!) … Continue reading

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Guadalajara: Part One

Tuesday, November 20: After one day of laying in supplies, ministering to ailing plumbing* and resting up,  we finally plunged into Guadalajara proper.  Minor frustrations and great discoveries. The “we” in the previous sentence included only Michael and me as … Continue reading

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