New Directions: Day Four


Buster, Andre and their first snowman

We did get the promised three inches of snow overnight but the sun began to shine around 8 a.m., which made all the difference.  We decided to head north and explore a bit of Montana rather than heading east to South Dakota.

Our drive was beautiful with lots of snowy landscapes brightened with sunlight.  The roads began wet but became dry as our morning wore on.  Easy driving for Michael. We began the day thinking we would go to Butte and then explore but we changed directions once underway and ended up in Helena for the night.

En route, we were following (roughly) a part of Lewis and Clark’s path.  We had lunch on the banks of the Missouri River just downstream from where Lewis and Clark spent the night of July 24, 1805.  What a difference a couple of centuries make.

Helena, although the capital of Montana, is quite small.  We wandered through the downtown and stopped into two local breweries, a nice relaxing afternoon.  We met a couple of guys in the first pub and they gave us some ideas for tomorrow.  It would have us going to Butte, which is kind of almost backtracking but we will see.

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  1. Joan Robinson says:

    Impressive juggling; big balls

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