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Siamo Arrivati a Roma!

Finally, we are in Rome.  Our flights over were good although neither of us slept as much as we would have wished and our flight out of London was delayed twenty minutes due to air traffic.  Nonetheless, we have arrived. … Continue reading

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Unexpected Benefits of Business

I knew that flying business class provided one with one’s own little cubby with a seat that slips down into a fully flat position; I knew that it provided a choice of good food during the flight;* I knew that … Continue reading

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Buster Flies Business

If a bear is left in the bottom of a bag does he derive any benefit from flying business class?  Unlike the situation with the tree falling in the forest, this question has a clear cut answer and that is an … Continue reading

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Issue Resolved

“Does what’s contained in this thread help?” With those few words, Timethief resolved my single photo/gallery problems.  The crispy, crunchy cookie picture now appears only where it is supposed to.

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Learning Curve Plummets

After my initial post yesterday, I was feeling equal parts of frustration and smugness.  After a few blips, it seemed as if I had mastered a couple of the basics that I know I will rely on in the upcoming … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You

Well, in this case the “you” in the title refers to WordPress.  We are leaving on a trip to Italy in three days and one of the things that has been on my list for the last month has been … Continue reading

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