Missed Opportunity


Butte, Montana

Today, Michael and I followed the recommendation of the fellows we met over beer yesterday and drove from Helena to Missoula via Butte, Anaconda and Phillipsburg.  It was a gorgeous drive.

Interestingly, the road took us past both Opportunity and Wisdom.  We didn’t stop at Wisdom and that is probably why I ended up buying almost a half pound of assorted licorice candies at a sweet shop in Phillipsburg!  Probably a mistake but such a delightful one.  Who knew there were New Zealand Allsorts as well as English Allsorts?  We didn’t, but now we do.  Travel is broadening . . .in every sense of the word.

Shortly before joining Interstate 90 just east of Butte, we crossed over the Continental Divide again.  I had hoped there would be an opportunity for a photo.  I wanted to get Michael and Buster straddling the divide.  I had visions of a photo with a caption like:  Depending on which way they wave their willies while having a wee, it may end up in either the Mississippi River or the Pacific Ocean.  Much to Michael’s relief, no convenient pullout was provided.

We took a stroll through Missoula after we checked into our room and managed to find yet another microbrewery.  This afternoon’s beer of choice was from Kettlehouse brewery and was their Cold Smoke brew.  Almost as tasty as the licorice.


Our lunch stop

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One Response to Missed Opportunity

  1. Dave Christensen says:

    Beautiful! So happy to see the weather cleared up for you. Maybe Willy will have another opportunity on the return trip. C and D >

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