Unexpected Benefits of Business

I knew that flying business class provided one with one’s own little cubby with a seat that slips down into a fully flat position; I knew that it provided a choice of good food during the flight;* I knew that it provided quiet lounge areas in the airports; and, I even knew, that it provided showers in the lounges so one could begin the second leg of one’s journey semi-refreshed.  What I didn’t know was that it also provided the opportunity for reunions.

So, I was very surprised as I was minding my own business in the BA lounge, trying to keep an eye on Buster, Andre and Michael, when, out of the corner of my other eye, I saw a person who looked somewhat familiar.

Sandy and Ginny on BA 48

As one of the world’s most unobservant people, the fact that I even noticed someone except as a moving object to be avoided was remarkable; the fact that some type of recognition took place was extraordinary. But, what was even more astonishing was that this moving object, this person was, in fact, a good friend whom I had not seen for over thirty years.  We met long ago in Wrangell, Alaska.  We visited for a while in the lounge (Sandy and her sister were heading off to Warsaw for a five week trip through central Europe and points west) and then headed off to board the plane.  As Michael and I were settling into our seats, Sandy and her sister began settling into theirs, which were right next to ours.  Truly an amazing and delightful coincidence and a fabulous way to begin a journey.

*For example:  Long Island Duckling with pine nuts, fig and quinoa salad OR Grilled artichoke, blanched asparagus and tomato petals with sherry truffle vinaigrette for starters;  Parmesan and rosemary-crusted fillet of beef with fingerling potatoes, while asparagus and Chianti sauce OR Breast of Guinea hen with pommes dauphinoise and broccolini OR Provencale vegetable lasagne with basil ricotta and creamy hello tomato sauce for you main.

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One Response to Unexpected Benefits of Business

  1. susan fuchs says:

    What a great happening!

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