Siamo Arrivati a Roma!

Finally, we are in Rome.  Our flights over were good although neither of us slept as much as we would have wished and our flight out of London was delayed twenty minutes due to air traffic.  Nonetheless, we have arrived.

Our driver was waiting for us just where he was supposed to be and he got us right to the door of our apartment on via Basento by about 8:30 PM.  Signor Piletti greeted us at the door, showed us the apartment, and took us on a little walking tour of the immediate area.  I think the idea was that it would orient us somewhat for today but we were so pooped it wasn’t quite as effective as it might have been.

It has been very hot in Rome . . . there’s a good reason that all the Italians head to the beach or the mountains for the month of August . . . and we were wilting from heat and exhaustion as we strolled by an illuminated Galleria Borghese.

The apartment is going to be perfect for our few nights here.  In fact, it would be perfect for a week’s stay.  It is small but very well appointed and in a quiet but well situated neighborhood.  See Nino’s House for photos.

We slept like the dead last night with the aid of pharmaceuticals.  But we were up and out at a reasonable hour, found a little supermarket and then headed over to the Borghese Garden.  After wandering around, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible, we left the garden above the Piazza del Popolo.  I took the following photo in honor of two people:  My auntie Billee, who loved everything about the Statue of Liberty and who was with us the last time Michael and I were in the Piazza del Popolo, and my friend Susie, who used to be the Statue of Liberty.

In the Piazza del Popolo

I don’t know why this guy’s makeup isn’t running; mine certainly was.

We had a good, simple lunch at a little place where I rescued a couple of fellow Americans who thought they could pay for their cokes with a twenty dollar bill.  They were very nice about it, just very confused.  After they floundered around a bit, I swept in asking if I could help.  They were so flustered, they were willing to trade their $20 for a 10 euro note but I was too nice and gave them 15 instead.  Actually, if they had only had a $50, I might have done the deal; it just didn’t seem right to sell my integrity for so little profit.

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2 Responses to Siamo Arrivati a Roma!

  1. claire christensen says:

    Hi Michael and Virginia,
    Rome sounds like the opposite end of the world to our very rural experience here in Denmark. Thinking of you both. Our evenings have been pretty quiet and since Danish TV does not hold our interest, we’ve been working on the photos from *The Bob”.
    Keep up the news from Italy!
    Love Claire and Dave

  2. susan fuchs says:

    Who goes to Roma in August??? Just kidding…..:))))
    It’s probably hotter here in Fl. Ariel is visiting now and we are happiest under an umbrella on the beach. The Atlantic Ocean is warm…scary warm…..That’s a lot of pee…to get that warm!


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