Learning Curve Plummets

After my initial post yesterday, I was feeling equal parts of frustration and smugness.  After a few blips, it seemed as if I had mastered a couple of the basics that I know I will rely on in the upcoming weeks.  Then, when I visited my blog later, I found that my single photo insert wasn’t appearing as anything other than the dreaded little blue square containing a question mark asking the question “where in the heck is the file?”

I fiddled and diddled and tried different ways of uploading the photo into WordPress.  I managed to get the photo to show in the correct place but then it ALSO showed in my horseback trip gallery.  I mean, I know that horses supposedly like oats but what in the heck does a photo of a tub of crispy, crunchy oatmeal cookies really have to do with the Montana trip?  Pretty much nothing!

After several hours of making my brain crazy and my back achy, I turned this machine off and went to bed hoping that the computer elves would fix things overnight.  Alas, the elves let me down once again.  Perhaps one cannot have a gallery in a post that also has single photos.  I’m  hoping that this post with just one lousy photo will work.  In the meantime, I have asked my question on the forum page.  We’ll see if anything good comes of that.

Another post categorized as frustration!

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2 Responses to Learning Curve Plummets

  1. susan fuchs says:

    BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..WE ARE PATIENT, KIND AND PROMISE TO BE SUPPORTIVE IN YOUR NEW ENDEAVOR…….even if it takes a long time…even a very long time! And…do we really care if horses and cookies are connected! Feel free to free associate! :). xox

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