Getting to Know You

Well, in this case the “you” in the title refers to WordPress.  We are leaving on a trip to Italy in three days and one of the things that has been on my list for the last month has been “WordPress tutorial.”  On Wednesday, I sat down and went through the tutorial and, at the conclusion, thought “OMG, I have left it way too late!!”

I am beginning to think I now know what my mother has been experiencing since she moved to a new apartment from her home of 54 years.  Nothing is where it is supposed to be; simple tasks seem almost impossible; nothing is the least bit intuitive (meaning, of course, requiring no thought).  So, this entry is an experiment to see if I will be able to actually use this new host site.  Patience please.  While I am working out the bugs, there may be no room for wit.  We’ll see.

I’m trying to concentrate on this project but the 18 oz. tub of Trader Joe’s Dress Circle Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that Michael brought home yesterday is staring at me from the kitchen, tempting me away from the task at hand.  The score is about:  Cookies – 24, Virginia – 0.  I have paid a high caloric price for my knowledge but I have learned how to insert a photo, wrap the text around it and how to make the photo fairly small . . . about the size of the cookie crumbs that are littering my chest, the keyboard and the table.  And I am learning patience since I had done all of this plus much, much more once before and then somehow lost it all while I was changing “themes.”  Now, I am trying to remember all of my cleverness in the previous entry.  Can you feel the frustration oozing out of every pore?

The next skill I want to master is inserting a photo gallery.  Since I’ve done it once before, let us see if I can remember.  The photos are from Michael’s July horseback trip to the Bob Marshall Wilderness in July:

This must be enough for you for now because it certainly is enough for me.  I will try again later but meanwhile I’ve got some unfinished business with those crispy, crunchy cookies.

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