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Dublin Done

Yesterday, Friday, May 24th, was our last full day in Dublin; we leave this morning on the 10 o’clock train to Cork. We decided to divide to conquer. Megan and Colin headed off to ramble through St. Stephen’s Green and … Continue reading

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Explorations From the Center of Italy*

  One of our traveling companions, Paul, came down with a bad cold when we reached Narni and was out for most of the Narni count.  Good friends (and wife) that the rest of us are, we just abandoned him … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You, Again

  Sometimes, you have friends that you don’t see very often;  sometimes, you have friends who live very far away; sometimes, you have friends who don’t speak the same language as you; sometimes, you have friends you don’t even know … Continue reading

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Le Petit Carre

Thank goodness we didn’t discover this hole-in-the-wall food stand until our last full day in Nimes!!

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Pont du Gard

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous Roman ruin.  This time our little day trip took us out to the Pont du Gard, About 35 minutes, if you take the direct route.  We did not; and, now, for a brief deviation. We … Continue reading

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Experiencial Travelers

Our move from Cruzy to Nimes wasn’t quite as delightful as we had hoped.  We took five hours to drive from Cruzy to Nimes, a trip that our GPS said would take a bit less than two hours; but we … Continue reading

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Flying Food

And I don’t mean the meals you are served on an airplane. It would seem that Seattle’s Pike Street Market does not have a monopoly on flying food; it turns out that Chez Bebelle located in the Narbonne covered market … Continue reading

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Discoveries: Large and Small

Today, Wednesday, November 4, I made two discoveries, one large and one small. The large discovery:  My behind. As I pulled on my size 8 jeans, which were smuggly snug when I left home on October 12, I realized that … Continue reading

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A Road Trip

On Wednesday, the six of us headed off, each couple in its own vehicle (we are Americans, after all), towards Limoux where we spent two nights at the Domaine St. Georges, a very nice and comfortable B&B run by a … Continue reading

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Sunday at the Seashore

It seems that I forgot to post this blog when I wrote it last Sunday.  So, here it is now, a week late. Sunday is market day in St. Chinian, which meant that we began the day there.  But because … Continue reading

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