Mount Brandon


Both groups at break on saddle

Saturday, June1: Today offered three options for walking. All slightly modified to account for the weather, which, although less than perfect, turned out to be excellent hiking weather: moderate temperature, little wind, some sun,  some clouds and no precipitation until just after we finished up.

Michael chose to walk along the beach as did Colin and Megan (6.2 flat miles); I chose to hike up to a saddle on Mount Brandon (about 7 up up up and down down down miles); a couple of people chose the same Mount Brandon hike but with a longer up up up part . . . maybe up up up up.

As with every hike on this trip, this one offered something just a little bit different: beautiful, long views over fields to the ocean and bays of the coastline with craggy, steep mountain sides and softly uplifted green pastures.

I’m finally getting my walking legs. Nothing was too tired by the end of the morning. We walked for about three hours and then had the afternoon and evening on our own to do a little exploration in Dingle.

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