Dublin Done


The boys on the stoop

Yesterday, Friday, May 24th, was our last full day in Dublin; we leave this morning on the 10 o’clock train to Cork. We decided to divide to conquer.

Megan and Colin headed off to ramble through St. Stephen’s Green and then wherever chance might take them (I know from photos posted on Megan’s Facebook page that at least one stop included a rose-shaped “scoop” of gelato perched on a cone).

Michael and I began by going to the National Museum of Archeology to look at the bog finds and the gold work.  We also just admired the building in which this little gem of a museum is located. Directly across from the museum is the National Library and we popped in there in order to take a peek at the reading room.  It’s great that these venues are free because it encourages people to just drop in to look at one or two things before moving on . . . and then to return later for further exploration. If you have to pay €8 or €10, you have to be ready to commit a substantial amount of time to the entry.

On the sidewalk, between the two buildings, was a group of school children singing songs and waving hand made signs about climate change and global warming. They were so sincere and so darned cute; you really hope that some of us old folks will do something to help out the world that they will inherit.

We also went back to Temple Bar to a tiny music store to get a couple of CD’s of Irish music.  I didn’t have a clue whatI wanted but the very nice man behind the counter asked a number of questions and came up with several suggestions. I told him I wanted mostly vocal music or, if instrumental, I didn’t want it to be like listening to Bach’s deedle-deedle music . . .where you want to cover your ears after ten minutes and run from the room. Fiddles, pipes and organs can do that to me.

Rendezvoused with C and M at the Millstone restaurant on Dame Street for lunch.  Our guide, Joe, recommended it to us during our tour with him.  Another great recommendation.

Back to the apartment for final laundry and initial packing.

For dinner and a last Dublin pint, we went to a pub fairly close to Merrion Square. Napper Tandy is its name and it, also, turned out to be a good choice. The barkeep was a young woman named Rachel.  She was one animated, very spontaneous young woman. About as big around as my thumb, she was going a millions miles an hour: Pouring pints, visiting with customers, taking orders, visiting with customers, clearing tables, visiting with customers. You get the picture. It was almost theater and was the perfect nightcap for our Dublin experience.

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    BOG BODY??!!🤦🏽‍♀️

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