I’m All at Sea



Actually, we’re all at sea.  On this cruise, we had three “at sea” days, meaning that we  were just cruising along with no shore stops.  I’ve enjoyed them as they provide the opportunity for complete relaxation and even more extensive self-indulgence.

There’s reading, sketching, painting and visiting.  The more intellectual among us can go to lectures (I just attended one on the Vikings . . .found out that “Viking” used as a noun is not strictly correct; vikingr was a verb* that mean to go on a voyage).  Those more physically inclined can hit the very well equipped gym or participate in shipboard games, of which, it turns out, there are many.  Those with less self-control than the average chipmunk can spend the entire day going from one eating venue to another.  I kind of did a bit of each.

Photos are indicative of our at sea days.

*I just did my standard two minutes of Google research on the word and found that what we were told might not be absolutely as absolute as was presented.


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