Buster’s Bali and Beyond


Enjoying the sea air and the sea view

She’s been at it again; posting travel reports without including a thing about me and my buddy, Andre Segovia.  So, while she’s out consuming yet more empty calories, I decided to take matters into my own paws and let you know what’s been happening from the ursine and porcine perspectives.

There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of bears in Indonesia (sun bears excepted of course); this is a miserable climate for creatures permanently stuck with fur coats.  While Virginia has been blathering on about the humidity and how miserable it is but how good for the skin, I’ve been silently suffering.

Perhaps that’s an overstatement, I actually suffered only one day.  She took us out and about and I looked like I’d been subjected to electro therapy of some sort.  My fur, after my careful morning shampoo and style, just went crazy.  Frizz everywhere! I looked like a blond Annie.  It may work for a poodle but the big frizzed out do is a don’t for me.  And Andre, with no mud in sight and unable to perspire, was practically crisped into bacon under the sun.

After that one experience, the two of us decided to stay indoors in nice, climate controlled environments.  But don’t feel sorry for us; we found plenty to keep us occupied:

Naturally, we ate. Pretty much anything that came our way. But that is our way, isn’t it?  A bear, newly out of hibernation, spends most of his time eating; trying to pack on those pounds he lost during his long winter’s sleep. And pigs, well, they’re pigs.  Need I say more?

To balance out the eating, however, we hit the gym a time or two just to make certain we maintained our strength and flexibility (and to make her feel guilty).

We also took in some culture exploring many of the giant replicas of the Bayeux Tapestry that decorate all of the stairways on the Viking Orion.

And, of course, we just sat and watched the sea roll by; but only for brief periods at a time for fear of the frizzies.  Sad to say, we didn’t spot a single marine creature but we did watch the equator as we passed over.

This, our first ocean voyage, has been a very pleasant sojourn and we hope there will be more in the future.

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