Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Skybridge PETRONAS Towers

Wednesday, March 3, we cruised into Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur) shortly after sunrise.  Turns out the port is pretty far away from the city itself; and, although we met the guide for our private tour a bit past 09:00, we didn’t actually get to downtown for our 11:30 time slot for the PETRONAS Towers until 11:15.

The towers are tall; Michael chose to remain firmly planted on the ground.  The rest of us were with a group of special education students and their teachers/mothers.  The kids’ reaction to things made the experience very nice.  They definitely added value to the excursion.

It was interesting to learn that the sky bridge at the 41st/42nd levels is not anchored to either tower.  I still don’t know exactly what was meant by that.  Since it clearly stays in place right where it was originally put, I’m assuming some sort of connection is involved.  Views from the observation deck at the 86th floor were great even if there was a lot of haze in the air.  It was interesting to look down and see all of the small one- and two-story buildings that spread out from the towers and that are obviously in the path of future development.

A quick lunch in the food court and we were back in the van on the way to the Batu Caves.  I kept calling them the “bat cave” but since neither Batman nor the Batmobile were on view, I guess I got the name wrong.

Michael and I stayed on the ground: Michael because his knees have been bothering him; and, me because my skirt was too short to wear in this holy place and because I didn’t have the 5 ringgits (Malaysian money – about 4 to the dollar) that it cost to rent a sarong type thing to hide the indecency.  Really, we were just too lazy.  Claire and Dave made it part way up but the champions were Steve and Sally who got all the way up to the caves (272 steps).  It was a very color- and monkey-full experience.

From Batu Caves we headed back to the ship stopping at the Royal Palace for a peek through the gates of the King’s residence.  Malaysia is comprised of 13 states, nine of which are royal with rajas  or sultans. The nine rajas and sultans elect one of their number to be the big king for a five year term.  The position comes with no political power but must be fairly prestigious . . . why else would one want it?

Back to the ship in time to do a bit of laundry and get ready for yet another delicious meal.  As is to be expected, the food on board is plentiful and of a pretty high quality.

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