Michael in our large stateroom (ugly luggage blanket on bed)

I have been asked why so many signs in Bali are in English.

Once again we are the beneficiaries of English being the default language of the world economy. Tourism and farming are the two main industries on Bali.  If you are a farmer, English isn’t so important.  If you are somehow attached to the tourism industry, it is very important.

We have been told that children on Bali are taught both Balinese and Indonesian from the get go.  Then, maybe fourth grade or maybe sixth (depending on who was telling us), English becomes compulsory.  In high school, children have the option of taking other languages.

So, signs in English are quite common, which is nice for us ignorant Americans!

This morning, on our first shore excursion of the cruise, we went to a market, museum and temple.  At the market, which was pretty touristy, I was able to greet the vendors with a smiling “om swastyastu,” which pretty much blew them away.  I was so proud of myself that I had to make a couple of purchases.


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  1. Cynthia Thomas says:

    Thank you, Virginia! And what photos! The fruit is so brilliant I could almost taste it. Are you still in Bali, on other islands ?

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