Bits and Bobs from Bali


V, Tini and C with mixed fruit (including dragon fruit) smoothies


Shortly before 6 a.m., the dark, humid air wraps itself around you and then you hear the gentle sounds of drum and flute coming across the rice fields from the temple letting you know that it is almost time for 6 o’clock prayers. After several minutes the music stops and deep, rumbling chanting takes its place.

Frogs and cicadas and birds croaking, buzzing and chirping their hearts out at all times of the day and night.  For such little creatures, they create an almost deafening sound. A constant undertone to what one is experiencing.

The far away booming and the right-on-top-of-us crashing of thunder. Last night was particularly dramatic with great flashes of lightening burning right through closed eyelids followed by great percussive blasts of thunder.

Torrents of rain beating down at night sounding for all the world as if it is inside of the room.


(Om) Suwastiastu – a general greeting, used like hello although it has a more profound meaning incorporating blessings for good things.  We were told by Nyoman that it is, perhaps, a corruption of swastika, a powerful and important image in Hindu (and many, many other) cultures.  I found in my exhaustive, three minute internet research no support for that theory.


If you don’t want your pills, paper, peanuts or pretzels to go all limp and soggy, you’d better keep them in a nice, tight ziplock bag.

My skin is plumping up nicely but that may just be too much babi guling.

It’s like Alaska in reverse, when I go outside and pull out my glasses or camera, they fog up and I have to wait a while to be able to see or snap.


The other night as we were eating dinner, Claire, looking a tiny bit anxious, said that she was looking at some large, crawling thing.  Being braver than I, she got up from the table to investigate and discovered that, rather than the huge spider we feared, it was a garden crab.

We had a frog sighting during last night’s dinner.  It’s surprising we haven’t seen more given the sounds coming from the garden and rice fields.

We’ve had almost no biting bugs!

Cats are considered good luck (but NOT black ones . . .sorry, Noki).  There are two who wander around our villa even though they do not belong here.


Frangipani, incense from the temples, smoke from the rice fields and the heavenly aromas emanating from our kitchen before each meal (like right at this very moment).


Everything!!  Birds, flowers, batik, fields, fruit, food.


Nonresident cat making itself at home on one of our lounges


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1 Response to Bits and Bobs from Bali

  1. Cynthia Thomas says:

    I could almost imagine the food aromas due to your great meal photos. Love your new blouse. I wish I could hear the morning sounds. What a great way to wake up. Sending super hugs.

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