Movin’ On


A view from the tower at Villa AyoKa

Oh, my gosh!!  It is March 21st and I haven’t posted anything since we moved on from Seminyak to Villa AyoKa in the Beraban area.  I have to admit I’m having a difficult time remembering the names of the villages here.  What I know is that we are north of where we used to be but still close to the west coast (we can see the ocean from our tower).

Wherever it is, I love where we are now!  As described in the VRBO literature, Villa AyoKa is set in the middle of rice fields on the edge of a small village (if I could make the font tinier to emphasize “small,” I would).  The villa is beautiful. Living and dining areas are without walls but under the cover of towering, peaked roofs supported by large timbers; small kitchen adjoins the living area  Bedrooms are in separate buildings connected at the second floor by a little open bridge.  One building has two large bedrooms: one on ground floor looking out on the large pool and garden, the other on the second floor above it.  The other building has a twin bedded bedroom on the ground floor and then up, up, up the tower to the open seating/observation area.  It is in the form of the Indonesian bale’ with a raised platform under a peaked roof.

It is all gorgeous and you’ll just have to take my word cuz I haven’t taken many photos.

We have staff.  Really.  I’m not joking; we have staff.  More on this in a later post.

I think if a person wanted to experience Bali away from the tourist crowds but with plenty of amenities, this is the place.  Humidity is horrendous but I’m beginning not to care.


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