Bye-Bye, Villa Gaya


More Balinese wildlife.

Because no one is checking in today, Marco (of Villa Gaya) has given us a late check out.  We don’t need to vacate until 2 p.m. when the car to take us to Villa AyoKa should arrive.

This has been a lovely spot to begin our acclimation to Bali.  This morning I was in the pool by quarter to eight, languidly swimming through the plumeria (aka frangipani) blossoms and feeling like some svelte Pacific island princess.  Of course:

One: I don’t know if Bali is even in the Pacific Ocean; and

Two: No photos have been taken to disabuse me of the “svelte” description.  I can only say that’s how I feel when I’m in the pool with my birthday suit as my only swimming costume.  It’s just delightful.

We discovered the rather large snail as we were leaving the pool area.  It was quite large but not at all frightening as I am certain I could out run a snail . . . unlike the geckos that dart about quite randomly.

Must dash  (not really); must stroll ever so slowly over to #1 Blue Door for a late breakfast.

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1 Response to Bye-Bye, Villa Gaya

  1. Cindy says:

    That is the largest, and undoubtedly the most beautiful, snail I have ever seen. And I’m so jealous of your swim. Just imagining it feels gorgeous.

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