Humidity is Good For One’s Skin


Offerings on the sidewalk

As I said in my last blog:  Just keep repeating that until you believe it.

We were both up early-ish; I slept well, Michael not so well.  We decided that we should take a morning stroll to get our bearings.

According to the website where I rented this place, Villa Gaya is located in a “quiet” part of Seminyak.  I guess that is true. We are down a little, dirt alley/road/street/lane.  These houses are like those in Central Asia; when you are outside the wall, you can’t tell what you’re going to find when you step inside.

We headed off on our walk a bit before 9 a.m..  The first roads have no verges, let alone sidewalks.  Attention must be paid at every step to avoid: Little banana leaf basket offerings that are set out on the sides of the lanes and sidewalks; stray dogs; big holes where the Bali equivalent of a man hole cover should be; etc..

But for all that, the first part of our morning walk was kind of delightful.  The air is filled with the scents of flowers and incense. There are little and not so little shrines everywhere. And, the vegetation is so very different from home.  We found a nice little bakery/café for a late breakfast and for less than $12 we each had a full eggy breakfast with fresh juices.

We stumbled upon an outdoor market where I bought both mangosteens and salak (also called snake fruit).  Very exotic and absolutely delicious.

The second part of our morning walk, that being the return journey, felt like a forced march.  We were both soaked. I took my sunglasses off because first they steamed up and then they just slipped off my nose!  Craziness.  I see why people use Uber here; walking is fairly miserable for the uninitiated and maybe even for the initiated.  It’s easy to see why when Europeans first came to these shores they found a scantily clad populace.  Who in his or her right mind would put on clothes here? It’s more difficult to see why those Europeans thought that imposing their norms for clothing made more sense that adopting that of the people who had lived here forever.

Back in our personal paradise by 11 a.m.  Only two hours gone but it felt longer.  After carefully peeling off our clothing, Michael went in for a splash and I just stood in front of the fan.

Hopefully, we will be able to stay awake a bit longer tonight and begin to get onto a more Balinese timetable.  We have arranged a tour tomorrow with our driver from yesterday; so, we need to be up and ready to go by 8:30 in the morning.


Exotic fruits Seminyak market


Michael cooling down


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