One Flight Down, One To Go


Windsor Castle in evening sun

Here we are in Eton at The Crown and Cushion (just a short stroll over the bridge into Windsor with its wedding reminders in all the shop windows) spending the night before our final flight that will take us back to Seattle.

Our flight from Corfu to London was glorious.  I had a window seat and the sky was largely clear.  The Dolomites were spectacular in the bright evening sun and coming into Heathrow from the east we flew directly over London and I could see it all: From the ancient bridges to the London Eye.  I don’t think I have ever experienced that before; it was amazing.

But the main reason I’m posting this is to report that Michael fell out of bed last night.  Is this the beginning of the end for the poor old geezer?  No damage done thankfully.  Apparently, he was too close to the edge of our queen size bed, developed a horrible cramp in his leg and over he went! Snatched all the sheets off the bed, which was no big loss seeing as how yesterday was a record-setting hot day for London (86 degrees)

Flight today leaves at 3:25 p.m.  We’re on our way home, so, we just want to be home.  Dr. appointment at 2 Wednesday afternoon.

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1 Response to One Flight Down, One To Go

  1. ginnyvan says:

    I didn’t FALL I was pushed……really, you gotta believe me!

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