Final Corfu (Greece) Impressions


Do I ever begin a final reflections or impressions post with something other than the people?  I don’t think so.  And so it is with Corfu (Greece).

All of the Corfiots we have met during our 11 days here have been welcoming and friendly.  Mr. He-speaks-English-no-problem, whose name turned out to be something very Greek like Spiros, did speak English and everything we asked of him did, in fact, turn out to be no problem. I could easily spend a week at his simple but comfortable hotel on the sea in Paramonas.  I would hope, however, that the mountains of sea weed that were washed up on the shore while we were there would find a different beach on which to settle.  Even Mr. You-asked-for-separate-beds at Hotel Levant, whose name I never did learn, in Pelekas sort of warmed up to us by the end of our three nights there.

The joy of Athena at Corfu Pearl near Liapades when she presented us with the large green figs will remain with me as typifying the reception we encountered along our journey here.

And, not the least for coming last in this recollection, discovering new places with my sweetie pie and an old friend (as in friend of long standing) is always wonderful.

The Corfu countryside is diverse and beautiful.  As spectacular as the coastal views are, I think than my favorite memories will be of walking under the huge canopies of the unpruned olive trees as we made our way along mossy walled groves of trees.

Much of our walking was along parts of the Corfu Trail or the Corfu Mountain Trail.  Even with our excellent walking notes and our excellent note reader/interpreter, it was always reassuring when we encountered one of the Corfu Trail markers where it was supposed to be.

The food we have had has been delectable whether from a corner café, hotel restaurant or taverna.  The grilled meats, pork, chicken or lamb, are yummy and it is beginning to be hard to imagine a meal that doesn’t begin with tzatziki and good bread or a breakfast that doesn’t include the soft, sort of billowy, yogurt and delicious honey that are a feature of every breakfast buffet.

Having time to notice small things has been a gift.  Whether it was a butterfly on a flower or a bird by the pool or a shadow cast on a wall, the luxury of time to observe was a wonderful gift to ourselves.

My only frustration was one that I brought with me:  My strange and continuing mouth/lip issues.  This evening, when we arrive in London, I will call my doc and make an appointment for the very day we get back to Salem.  I can assure you that if my doc tells me that this is an issue that could be resolved easily by any pharmacist I will NOT be passing that information along to Michael.

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2 Responses to Final Corfu (Greece) Impressions

  1. Claire Christensen says:

    Love your wrap=ups, and so get why we love to travel with you. It’s the people you meet along the way. So many great memories.

    We’re in Evanston Wyoming, two days from home. See you later this summer. Hope the doc has the solution to the lip problem. Love Claire and Dave


  2. Mazoli_IC says:

    Corfu looks beautiful! Thank you for the post. Please stop by my blog and vote in my New Year’s Poll. It is my blog’s first poll!!! Happy New Year!

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