A Lazy Day Around Peroulades


Very little walking involved today.  Turns out the village of Peroulades has little to offer in the way of distractions. We did find two sort of fly specked shops of sorts and I was able to purchase a couple bags of potato chips and a couple bottles of Coca Cola.

We spent a delightfully relaxing day loafing around the Hotel de Loulia’s pool, enjoying the grounds, buying some luscious peaches, nectarines and dark cherries from the fruit and vegetable peddler who stopped just outside the hotel gates, and, finally, walking to the Bikolos Taverna for dinner.

Friday night’s special was pork on the spit and it was delicious.  I had visions of an entire pig being roasted over the coals but, instead, it was chunks of pork grilled over the coals.  Delectable but not quite the succulent slices and crispy skin over which I had begun to salivate.  Portions at Bikolos Taverna are enormous as they have been everywhere we have eater in Corfu.  I thought large portions were a uniquely USA phenomenon but, apparently, I was wrong about that as I am about so many things.

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1 Response to A Lazy Day Around Peroulades

  1. Cindy And Paul says:

    We are so excited to see you and hear more details of this amazing adventure. Would arriving at your hose on the afternoon of the 4th give us enough time to help with the prep or would you like us there on the 3rd?


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