Around Liapades


Athena and her glorious figs

Note that I am not calling today a walking day even though we did walk almost 3 km in the heat and humidity and uphill both ways (well, maybe not that last thing).

Very leisurely morning with a breakfast that included the most delicious yogurt I have ever consumed in my life.  It is to what is called “Greek” yogurt in the states what fresh asparagus is to canned asparagus.  Practically no comparison.

Today, we spent time by the pool and Joan spent time in the pool doing more laps. It must be wonderful to know how to really swim: Legs, arms and head all moving in synchronicity.  I’ve never experienced it and, at this point of my life, feel certain that I never will.  Still, I can admire it when I see it done as well as Joan does it.

A little after two (I think) we headed out to walk up to the village of Liapades, which is just over a km from our hotel. To be precise, it is 1.22 km from our hotel to the village square.  The village is tiny but there were three cafes on the square.  We picked one and had a delightful lunch of souvlaki, tzatziki, pita bread, baked feta cheese and Greek salad.  Headed back to the hotel with a detour to the “big” supermarket, “big” being a very relative term.

Arrived back soaked from the humidity and sweat.  As soon as I was in the room, I peeled off my clothes and did a quick sink laundry.  Hung things out on our second floor balcony to dry only to watch the thunderstorm of the day roll in. Before I could retrieve my clothes, the wind had knocked over the coat rack on which I had draped them and one pair of undies had gone missing!  I had visions of my extra large granny panties landing on someone sitting on the terrace below.  I am happy to report that when it was finally safe to venture outside to track them down, I found them hanging from a large bump in the stucco finish of the wall beneath our room.

When we went up to the lounge area for our evening cocktails, Athena, our host, brought us gorgeous, enormous, green figs that her mother had just picked.  Athena was so excited about the figs and so delighted that we enjoyed them.  It’s one of the memories of this trip that will stay with me.

We now have a plan for departure for tomorrow’s walk and it is time to go to bed.  So, good night from Corfu.


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