Corfu: Walking-Day Three


Joan and Michael in Corfu Town

Perhaps I shouldn’t give us credit for Monday, June 18th, as a walking day but we are taking a rather liberal approach to “walking” and, so, in it goes!

Monday was our second full day in Pelekas at the Hotel Levant and, in spite of the charms of the place itself, we decided to take the local bus into Corfu Town for a visit. It was a good idea and the execution was okay but after our serene experiences on our walk, even little Corfu Town seemed crazy busy.  Of course, the fact that at least two huge cruise ships had just docked didn’t make negotiating the little, twisting lanes of the town any easier.  We took time to look in some galleries and to find the church of St. Spyridon where I lit a candle for Auntie Billee. However, we were glad to head back to our temporary home away from home.

Unfortunately, the local bus that had picked us up in Pelekas didn’t go all the way up the hill on the return.  So, much uphill to get through town and then up some more to the hotel.  Therefore, a walking day.


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