Corfu: Walking-Day Four


Not so fast food

Tuesday, June 19: Pelekas to Liapades.

Route info: 19.1 km/7 hrs 50 mins; total ascent 590m, total descent 725m.

We weren’t scared off by the numbers and we set off about 9:30 a.m. under mostly sunny skies and mostly downhill roads, tracks and paths. Lots of diversity in the scenery from coastal views to olive groves to the flat(ish) interior of the island, villages, etc..  Early in our journey, we were greeted by what at first appeared to be a cute, exuberant puppy; after it bounded up on Joan’s backside causing her to take a tumble, we realized that it was a pain-in-the-ass-hazard in disguise.  Happily, Joan was not seriously injured.

I was the route reader and made first one and then two boo boos, which added about 2 km to our travels.  Aw, shit!! Seems like I did the same thing on the longest walking day of our Tuscany trip!

My fellow walkers were very kind and when I offered, after the first mistake, to hand over route reading duties, no one volunteered.  After the second blunder, however, Joan agreed to assume the responsibility.  Thank god!!

We passed two fellows in that most stereotypical Greek enterprise of roasting a whole lamb on a spit . . . out in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere.  I think their sign language was inviting us to come back later to join in whatever feasting was going to happen.  It smelled delicious but we pushed on. Lots of stickery bushes and thousands of leaping grasshoppers and several very large dead toads and probably way too much sun later, we came to an attractive wayside cafe/bar and sat outside for a refreshing beverage.

Although our spirits were refreshed, the 13 km we had walked had taken a toll on our feet and we decided that we would try to get a taxi for the rest of our journey.  We were successful in that endeavor and we made it to the Corfu Pearl Studios and Apartments minutes before a huge and horrifying lightening and thunder storm broke.  We’ve been inside for almost an hour and the lightening flashes and HUGE booming thunder, some coming frighteningly quickly after the lightening, and POURING rain are just beginning to abate. Although Joan is not in our room with us but, rather, probably cowering in her own room (she really doesn’t like lightening), I think I can speak for all of us and say that we are so very, very happy with our taxi decision!

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