Paramonas to Pelekas


View of our hotel from the Kaiser’s Throne

Yesterday, June 16th, we covered the 17+ km from Paramonas to Pelekas.  Joan’s not quite dry hiking shoes did not present a problem in spite of the fact that our journey took us up and down and up again many times.  Of course, the fact that we were in a taxi probably helped quite a bit. So much for “Walking: Day Two.” Guess that blog post will have to wait.

From a place right on the beach we have come to a place on the top of a hill with 360 degree views.  Michael and I are in a room that faces west, so we get the sunset, and Joan is in a room that faces east, so she gets the sun rise.  We all get sea views.  Joan has a balcony that accommodates a small table and two chairs; we have a balcony that will accommodate one of us if our tummy is sucked in.  It’s a lovely older hotel and the staff, with the exception of the fellow at reception, is excellent.

We spent the entire 16th just lazing around the hotel and its grounds.  A great dinner on the terrace while the sun set completed the day.



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