Apparently, the west side of Corfu is known for its spectacular sunsets.  Our first night here, the cloud cover on the western horizon was so uniformly heavy that the sunset was nothing to write home about or even mention in a blog post.  Last night, however, was a different story.  We still had cloud cover on the western horizon but it was not uniformly heavy and the illumination of the cloud formations as the sun sank behind them was stunning.


PS Turns out it was a two gin and tonic evening but even with that I was able to notice some beautiful, long shadows cast by teeny tiny just-slightly-larger-than-grains-of-sand pebbles as we walked up to the hotel.  Hmmmm, maybe that was BEFORE the g&t’s.


PPS I forgot to mention in previous post that during our walk we heard a loud rustling in the vegetation next to the path.  We stopped, looked, heard more loud rustling and then saw a black snake side-slithering along.  Having read in our notes that there is one poisonous viper of this island (the nose horned viper . . . perhaps a close relative to the ear tailed toad), we explored no further.

PPPS We have decided that this three star hotel on this little, sleepy stretch of the coast is absolutely delightful. The owner, Mr. He-knows-English-“no problem,” has been most accommodating and if the taxi that is supposed to take us to our next hostelry shows up* all will be perfect.

*Happpily, our shoes/boots did dry overnight but, darn it anyway, we had already made arrangements to be transported to Pelekas.

PPPPS Just came back from breakfast; Joan’s walking shoes did NOT dry overnight; so, riding in taxi is a requirement and not a cop out. Hallelujah!

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