A Day in Batumi


Black Sea from botanical garden

I can’t believe that I am writing a post on the very day about which I am posting.  I like having free time!

We didn’t rendezvous until 10 a.m. and, so, it was a very leisurely and pleasant morning. I even got in a bit of sketching on the balcony of our first floor (2nd floor in the states) room.  Once we got underway the theme of leisurely and pleasant continued with a relatively short drive to the Batumi Botanical Garden where we meandered ever upward through various ecological environments and plantings.  It was shady with gorgeous plants, lovely scents and spectacular views out to the sea and back to Batumi.

For lunch, we drove back through Batumi and up into the Anjarian mountains.  Once again we were far off the beaten path, following a narrow, dirt track that wended its way upward along a small stream.  We ended up at a rather rustic, outdoor restaurant where we had a splendid meal of fresh trout and other Georgian dishes.  The new dishes this time were a raw mushroom and cheese salad and another cheese dish called something like “gebzhalia.” I can provide no description except to say that it was tasty if not spectacular.

We were entertained by a young worker who took a break from setting river stones in a patio type area and repeatedly dove into the pool of water formed by a dam in the stream.  Great fun.  When he climbed a tree above the pool, everyone feared for his life but he did a masterful cannonball into the pool and emerged unharmed.

Back to the hotel in time for a good, long break before we heading off to dinner, which hasn’t happened yet.  Claire and I managed to find not only postcards but also stamps at a post office and all within a two block walk from the hotel.

Dinner later tonight and then, tomorrow, we head back toward Tbilisi but more about that after it happens.


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