Shifting Gears


Georgian girls seem awfully forward!

A 4:30 a.m. departure had the ten of us who were continuing on to Georgia heading to the Skopje airport from Ohrid yesterday, June 6.  It took a full 3 1/4 hours to make the drive.  Speaking only for Michael and me, we arrived at the airport with bleary eyes and very full bladders!  Okay, too much information, I know.  I will move on.

In fact, I will move all the way to Tbilisi, Georgia, which is where our two very easy (once through the check-in line) and quick Turkish Air flights deposited us at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon (having lost two more hours).  We were met by Nodar, who will be our guide for the next week.

One thing I learned on the ride to our lovely boutique hotel (the Shota@Rustaveli) is that the Georgian language is unique.  It is not related to any other language.  It’s alphabet is also unique and is beautiful, swirling and totally incomprehensible to me.  Last night, I asked Nodar how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Georgian as I like to use those terms when in a country.  He told me and I don’t think they are very difficult but I have already forgotten them.  I will ask again today since my brain might be functioning a little better after what was a very good night’s sleep.

A happy discovery at our hotel:  Buster and Andre have found a friend.  Because neither Buster nor Andre are drinkers of wine, they have been keeping a very low profile on this trip.  They have preferred to sit around the hotel while Michael and I have been out and about.  Having grown tired of their own company, they were delighted to find that the do-not-disturb function at Shota is performed by a long-lashed, long-eared bunny.  They are looking forward to wonderful romps with her while here in Tbilisi.


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