Stay Calm; You’re on the Inside of the Wall


One of Michael’s favorite things: Riding the bus into town

Last night’s entertainment was “The Tenors.”  Not quite Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras, but pretty darned good. The dinner buffet theme for the night was Italian, so, the music was semi-appropriate.  I still think that no one (but no one) does “Unchained Melody” better than Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers but these three guys made a good effort.

It was very pleasant to go to sleep to the sound of the surf breaking on the rocks below our 5th-floor balcony and equally pleasant to wake up to it.  A good night’s sleep is always a surprise and a delight on the first night of a vacation.

This morning we made the trek to the Ley grocery store to purchase supplies.  Took the local bus into town, then made a long walk to the store, with a detour at La Campanario café for a scrumptious breakfast of chilaquiles (?) with eggs and bacon.  Super yummy if you like that sort of  thing, which we do.  Took a taxi back with our multitude of bags.  It’s hard to believe we will need all that stuff for our ten day stay but I bet we manage to get through it all.

Michael is playing water volleyball as I write this post.  Very ambitious.  Me, I’m just going to gather up my book and my watercolor paraphernalia and mosey down to find a shaded chaise.  That should keep me occupied and happy until happy hour rolls around.


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