Udaipur: Part Two


Lake Palace Hotel from the main palace

I can’t end my brief coverage of Udaipur without a special entry for our hotel.  Hashmat really did save the best for last and, although this may be a bit indiscreet, we were blessed by being upgraded a room category.  All of the rooms, I think, were excellent, but I think ours was particularly elegant.  It comprised a bedroom area with a good sized seating area off to one side, it had a separate closet/dressing area, and a very nice bathroom.

You know a hotel is particularly nice when:

It showers you with rose petals when you arrive on its dock.

It changes its stunning floral arrangements a couple of times a day.

Waitstaff bring you finger bowls before your dessert course.  Make certain you don’t unwittingly drink the water thereby showing just what a rube you are.

It charges an arm and a leg for a cocktail but the drink comes with enough nuts and raw veggies to eliminate the need for dinner (not that I didn’t eat dinner, too).

In the rooms It provides:  Both bathrobes and dressing gowns; extra slippers if housekeeping thinks you have misplaced a pair (instead of having secreted them in your suitcase); a new tube of toothpaste when the staff notices that your tube is almost out; a fresh bottle of moisturizing lotion each evening along with a little soothing poem; and, best of all, insect removal service (if you have an insect in your room, you are requested to call hotel services for its removal).



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One Response to Udaipur: Part Two

  1. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    Beautiful!! I loved your rules for recognizing a particularly nice hotel. I would add to my list Music. Safe trip home. Love, Claire >

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