Wildlife # 2


Almost mating mongooses

We have encountered a few more members of the animal kingdom.

First, you know how exciting it is when you are driving down a country road and see a beautiful cock pheasant sitting on a fence?  Well, imagine instead that the pheasant is a peacock.  They are everywhere in Rajasthan.  We awake to their god awful shrieks in the morning and see them in the fields, in trees and on fences.

We also saw a couple of mongooses as we drove down to our accommodation in Siana; the next jeep saw them mating.

Also in Siana, we had a little earthquake and the wasps in the dozens of HUGE hives in the trees around the property got properly riled up and formed a HUGE swarm.  We all headed to our bungalows.  Unfortunately, the wasps continued to be very active and they seemed to single out several of our group for their attention.

Monkeys are everywhere and I find them singularly loathesome.  I took a photo of one of them smiling and I think his expression sums up everything I don’t like about them.

Not actually wildlife but definitely highlife was the guy who was perched up in the trusses of a toll station pulling electrical wires.

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One Response to Wildlife # 2

  1. anne taleff says:

    Cool! I never knew what a mongoose looked like!



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