Wild Life


Heading out in our jeeps

Lest you think India is all Hindu temples, Rajasthani forts, masala chai and garlic naan, there is also a fair amount of wildlife in this area

This morning, Sunday, March 12, we headed out in jeeps to do a bit of game viewing.  It was predicted that we would have good luck as we were heading out into an area where the Bishnoi people live.  They have been very involved in environmental issues since the 16th century or maybe even earlier.  They don’t kill animals and the animals have become habituated to that and live in close proximity to the Bishnoi.  We saw a variety of birds and animals.  Photos of a few follow . . . Including wild life of a different sort at a beautiful step well in Jodhpur.  We ate our lunch at a cafe overlooking the step well.

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  1. anne taleff says:

    I especially love the wildlife! Thanks!



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