View From The Front


Long and not so winding road in Rajasthan

Touring by coach is interesting.  Who sits where?  Which seats are more desirable than others? Which side of the bus will get more or less sun?  At the beginning of our trip, Hashmat reminded all of us that we should try to rotate through the seats so that one person didn’t always end up with the best or worst seat. But it takes a while to figure out what “best” and “worst” mean.

I think the front seat is the best because you can see ahead of you as well as out to the side.  I think everyone might think that at least at first.  Then all of the tall people with long legs decide that the space in front of the front seat is too short.  Then some people decide that there isn’t anyplace to put stuff;  there’s no bottle holder for your water bottle or hook on which to hang your bag.  Some people prefer the foot rest in the regular seats.  And, some people really don’t want to see what’s coming.

Yesterday, from my seat towards the rear and after everyone was settled, I noticed that no one was in the front seat.  I moved up.  I have short legs, so the lack of legroom  doesn’t bother me and I am happy to dangle things off of my knees.  And, I really like the view from the front.  I took one photo every 30 minutes during yesterday’s five hour drive and although they were much of a sameness, I enjoyed it all. I won’t burden you with all the photos but here are a few:

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