On To Jaisalmer


Priya shopping for offerings

Having left our desert camp, we headed west to Jaisalmer.  On the way we stopped at the Ramdevra Temple.  This temple celebrates a local deity, who like many of these localized heros has been absorbed into the Hindu pantheon as a form of Krishna.  These local deities are probably not even in other parts of the country but are very much a part of the life of the locals.

This particular fellow manifested his special powers as young boy.  His parents had given a local merchant some beautiful cloth to transform into a stuffed horse to be given as a birthday present to the boy.  The merchant, being a greedy fellow, substituted less expensive cloth thinking that no one would be the wiser.  When the boy received the gift, he caused the stuffed horse to fly away with the boy mounted on it.  The lad was gone for several hours during which time the merchant realized that there could be no fooling this kid.  When the boy returned, the merchant was all apologies and everyone realized that the boy was something extra special.  A long way of explaining why horses figure prominently at this temple.

The temple is on a hilltop and little shops lining the way to the temple are filled with all of the things  pilgrim needs to buy to use as offerings.

Our group got caught up in a sort of Indian rave at one point with members of the group being drawn into a spontaneous dance party.

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