It’s All About the Camels


My camel guy Beseng, and camel, Pintu

After we left the luxury of the Ramvas Hotel in Ramvas, we headed sort of southwest to get to our next camp:  tents in the desert.  We did stop along the way and see another temple and did other culturally interesting thing BUT the day was really all about the camels.

Shortly after we arrived at our tented camp, after what seemed like a lifetime on roads that were so rough it is now difficult to determine whether the pains we are feeling in our behinds are attributable to the camel ride or the road, we rendezvoused for a sunset camel ride.

Camels are so tall and strong that my camel, Pintu, didn’t even get that “oh, my god, not you” expression on his face when I approached.  You know the expression I mean? It’s the one you get when you are sitting in your seat on an airplane, you have an empty seat next to you and a very large person begins walking slowly down the aisle looking at seat numbers.  Well, that’s how horses look at me when I approach them for a ride.  But not Pintu, he wasn’t even phased.  Based on how good that made me feel, I am going to try to be kinder when flying.

Anyway, we each climbed onto a camel and then the beasts heaved themselves up butt end first so that you felt like a bull rider for one short moment before the front of the animal pushed off the ground and all was level.  Hee haw!!

My camel wrangler was the sweetest looking guy and he was very solicitous of my well being.  He kept turning around and asking if everything was okay or good.  At least that’s what I thought he was saying but a little later when he was clearly talking to his camel, he kept saying “gud, gud, gud.”  So, maybe his English vocabulary was smaller than I thought.

It was a delightful hour of slowly making our way around and up and down some dunes.  We made it to the top of one dune just as the sun was going down and it was very atmospheric.  I wanted to grab the little stick in Beseng’s hand and gently smack Pintu into something like a trot/gallop.  However, since I knew the soundtrack to Lawerence of Arabia would not be playing in the background and since I also knew that we weren’t even in Arabia and since I suspected that I would end up in a pile of broken bones all of which would have been mine, I resisted the temptation.

Later that night we gathered outside on cushions in the sand to watch a firelight musical entertainment but no photos of that appear here because the entire day was ALL ABOUT THE CAMELS.

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