Around Ahhichatragarh Fort


As I mentioned in a previous post, we have been staying at the Ramvas Hotel, which is located within Ahhichatragarh Fort, which is wonder by the maharaja of Jodhpur.  The hotel is located in what was the women’s area “ramvas” having the same meaning as “zennana,” which means the women’s area!  But the fort itself is huge and completely surrounded by walls.  This afternoon we took a walk about the fort.

The fort is a series of pleasure palaces since the fort was never really needed for defensive purposes.  These palaces feature beautifully painted walls and ceilings, which are in the process of being conserved.  There is also an ingenious water system that allowed for the creation of lavish gardens right on the edge of the desert.  That would be the Thar Desert.

About 2/3’s of the way through our walk about, we were treated to tea on one of the pavilions within the fort.  Talk about pampered;  first tea in bed and now tea out in the middle of this magnificent fort.

After tea we visited a couple more of the palaces that dot the complex and then walked around about half of the ramparts and watched the sun set.  Another lovely day.

Tomorrow we head out into the desert and will be staying at a rustic, tented desert camp for one night.  I will be out of touch; but stay tuned, I’ll be back.


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