Seen Around Nagaur


We arrived at our rather fabulous hotel, the Ranvas, in Nagaur around 12:30 yesterday afternoon.  The Ranvas is built within the incredibly lovely Ahhichatragarh Fort and it is truly beautiful.

After a wonderful lunch that included raw vegetable salads and cut fruit desserts that we could actually eat without fear of tummy repercussions and a dish of crisp fried okra, which was so good I almost cried, we headed out for a walk

Our walk took us through narrow market lanes crowded with little shops spilling out onto the streets, auto-rickshaws, motorcycles, large cows, small goats, and people of every description.  It was wonderful.  We were as exotic to the inhabitants of these lanes as they were to us.

We visited a couple of Jain Temples including one in which a great saint was visiting where we spent some time visiting with him and other pilgrims in his retinue (I guess you might call it). They wear the mask to reduce the possibility of inhaling some living creature.  They also carry a broom, perhaps made of feathers, to gently sweep the ground in front of when they walk to sweep away any living thing).

We took rickshaws back to the hotel; this time four seater.  I sat on the back-facing seat and it gave an entirely new perspective of things.

Here are a few impressions:

Late breaking addition to the photo gallery.  It is 6:27 am on Tuesday, March 7.  One of the staff just brought us our coffee and tea and served it to us while we lounged in bed, gobsmacked.  There is even a little plate of cookies (pinwheel cookies, Catherine) for our early morning delight.  What must these folks think of us?  Have I mentioned that we have great internet connections right in our room?  No?  Well, we do.  We don’t want to leave this place!


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